What are National SEO Services?

National SEO ServicesSimply put, National SEO Services are the strategies and tactics used to optimize a website in order to help an organization rank on a national level rather than services offered to assist with Local SEO. While the services are similar there are significant differences in the methods for how to rank nationally.  When trying to reach an audience across the United States this is the type of campaign you want.  National SEO (Search Engine Optimization) key elements to a successful National campaign include:


  • Proper Keyword Research and related keyword identification
  • Identification of Localized Keywords (to be avoided)
  • Creation of Content that focuses on a national level.
  • Specific care and correction of Technical issues / indexing / structure load speeds, security etc.
  • Creation and execution of a backlink / citation method that will effectively promote high value content for natural link development through content marketing.

Comparing National SEO Services to Local SEO Services.

As an International and national SEO Company we’ve been asked by 1000’s of clients over the years to develop and execute their national SEO strategy. National Search Engine Optimization is the second leading service requested coming in just behind Local SEO Services.  This is of course natural as there are far many more local companies and businesses who are focused on their immediate geography.  But since their focus is so narrow, they compete with fewer other companies offering the same services or products in their geography.  On a national level competition is much stronger.  Typically, there are only 10 coveted positions in the SERPS on the first page and depending on the industry this can make a particular keyword set incredibly competitive and difficult.

There are 5 Critical Factors to Success in a National SEO Campaign:

  1. Publish High-Quality Content.
  2. Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly.
  3. Create a Secure Website (HTTPS)
  4. Improve Your User Experience.
  5. Optimize Your Page Speed.
  6. Master Your On-Page Optimization.
  7. Earn Relevant & Authoritative Backlinks.


Complete National SEO Services List:

·         In-Depth SEO Competition Analysis

  • Complete and in-depth research and analysis with a national focus
  • Creation of a National SEO Strategy custom to your situation

·         Content Development/Copywriting: (Content)

    • Product Pages and Category Pages
    • Blog Posts
    • Article Content
    • Lists
    • Guides
    • Videos 
    • Infographics
    • Slideshows
    • Glossaries

·         Online Public Relations / Social Press Release Distribution / Press Release Optimization:

  • Press Release Creation
  • Press Release Promotion

·         Mobile SEO Services: (Technology)

  • Mobile Site Correction
  • User Experience Improvements
  • Mobile Site Speed improvement

·         Shopping SEO Services: (Content and Technology)

  • Feed Optimization Services
  • Ecommerce Specific Strategies and Content Development

·         Video SEO Services: (Content)

  • Video Optimization
  • Video Promotion

·         User Experience Reports, Conversion Improvement Assessment

  • Services focused on Conversions of site visitors

·         Off-Site and On-Site Linking Analysis

  • Internal Linking Analysis
  • Implementation of Internal Linking Strategy
  • Creation of Topical Silos
  • Off Site (Backlinking) Strategy Development
  • Content Promotion

·         Analytics Analysis, Review and Recommendation Reports

  • Monitor Bounce Rate to Increase Your Conversion Rate
  • Measure Overall Organic Traffic to Better Understand Your Audience
  • Use Internal Site Search to Optimize Your Customers’ Experience
  • Measure the Quality of SEO Traffic to Compare Conversions
  • Identify Slow Loading Pages to Enhance Conversion Experience
  • Analyze Your Users’ Behavior to Better Meet Their Needs
  • Use Landing Pages’ Reports to Directly Improve Conversions
  • Look for Conversion Opportunities in Your PPC Data

·         Pay Per Click Audits (Analysis)

  • Clicks on paid search listings beat out organic clicks by nearly a 2:1 margin for keywords with high buying / purchasing intent in the US. In other words, 64.6% of people click on Google Ads when they are looking to buy an item online! However, to be clear, organic searches still get more clicks overall than paid search – but not all keyword searches are created equal. Keyword searches with high buying / purchasing intent – meaning, keywords where a searcher is looking to buy a product or service (for example: “buy gas dryer”) – are worth far more to businesses than your basic informational keyword searches (for example: “who is Bill Gates?”).

·        Complete Online Business Strategic Planning and Analysis

·         SEO Hazard Analysis, Identification, and Correction Consulting

  • txt changes.
  • Any change in redirect status.
  • Any changes to canonicals, pagination, and hreflang, amp and alt media links.
  • Changes to titles, H1s, H2s, and meta description.
  • Removal of impact (focus) keywords from Titles, H1, and H2s.
  • Navigation, footer, and other cross-link removals.
  • Schemas, Open Graph.
  • Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager.
  • Custom alerts – regex and xpath tests. Xpath lets us test any section of a page for a change.

·        Community (Web 2.0) Site Building Road Map


Considering hiring a National SEO Firm?

First you should read this article from Google about whether you need an SEo company. National search engine optimization is a highly effective marketing tool in the complete arsenal of Digital Marketing techniques. If you are considering starting a national campaign, we’d like the opportunity to talk to you about our complete list of services and provide you with an initial consultation.  Please fill out the form or call us today.