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The Leading SEO Company Since 2003

There simply isn’t an SEO Company out there with more experience with more results working on the world’s toughest keywords for some of the highest-volume websites in the world.

Our founder started implementing SEO techniques in 1999, today we are one of the largest group of SEO professionals spanning the globe. Let’s talk about how we can help you achieve your goals.

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The Number 1 Complaint About SEO Companies

We’ve been in the SEO Industry for a really long time. We are constantly reading the same complaint over and over again on the Internet. A lot of SEO Companies don’t know what they’re doing or don’t get results. 

They of course fail, but kind of learn a little bit about SEO. For whatever reason, they get it in their head that even though they utterly failed to ever rank their own website, the next logical step in their journey is to start taking taking money from people to rank their website. They know Just enough about SEO so they can sound like they know how to do it, but not enough to actually rank a page. And that is how 90% of sh%#&y SEOs are born.

That's how 95% of SEOs are born. It just so happens that the vast majority of people selling SEO are BS artists, and most people outside of digital marketing (even a lot in digital marketing) don't have the understanding or know-how to properly vet or ask for proof that someone can actually do SEO.

One of my favorite... Not lies, but a bending of the truth? Is when sh#&$y SEO groups say "We guarantee page one ranking in x amount of days". Most of the time they just target low to no volume keywords. Case and point: worked with a burned legal client who told me his last agency was bragging about getting them ranked for "jumbo jet crash lawyer in -insert location here". Just... So many problems with this, starting with the fact that this client didn't want to litigate such cases, let alone that this isn't a common thing by any means and just a vanity term.

Problem: It's Hard to Vet SEO Companies

The problem is that it’s hard to vet SEO Companies. Why? Because behind all of the sales talk, SEO companies don’t show their results. When they do, it’s often with flashy “case studies” that show results in percentages. Yes, a 1000% increase in traffic sounds fantastic. If the website had only one visitor, a 1000% increase means the website now has 11 visitors. Sorry, but we aren’t impressed.   

 We understand. We really do. Many SEO firms talk a good talk, but they don’t perform. So they rely on fancy percentages. They can’t show results like what you’re about to see.

Furthermore, to get these “case studies,” you must give them your contact information. Don’t get us wrong, that’s an excellent marketing tactic (in fact, we recommend it for many of our clients), but in this case, we’ll show you the data first. We’re confident enough that if you look at the basic data, you’ll decide that we are the right SEO Company to talk to about your project.



OK Here's The SEO Ranking Results For Just One National SEO Client

SEO Company Proof

Mobile Device Detected

We have detected that you are viewing this content on a mobile device; the data above is hard to see, the screenshot shows the results for a single client. It represents a client that started SEO services with us in 2019. The Data is provided by SEMRush. The outcomes are:

  • 199,238 Total Keywords Ranked
  • Over 35,000 Keywords Ranked Top 10
  • Traffic Volume is 582,600 per month
  • Traffic Value is $602,000 per month

We invite you to visit us again on a desktop device to review the charts and information in more detail.

This is what Amazing Results Look Like:

SEO Company Proof Keyword List

The specific keywords and URLs in the chart
are blurred to maintain confidentiality.

However, you can see by
the length of the blurs that
the keywords are mostly
short in length (single words). 

While only 15 of the total
199,238 keywords are listed
in the chart one exceeds 2M
in search volume per month,

Three exceed 1.2M, six exceed 450k,

The remainder all exceed 60K. 

These are some of the most difficult keywords on the planet.

keyword difficulty

Search Features:

  • 78,727 Featured Snippets
  • 126,500 Site Links
  • 181,000 People Also Ask
  • 4,900 Top Stories (on the date that this was written)
  • 23,000 Knowledge Panels

Mobile Device Detected

We have detected you on a mobile device we know that the data above is hard to see. Make sure that you click on the (i) bullseyes to read the additional information about the report. And please consider visiting us again on a desktop device to see the data better. The data is provided by SEMRush. The outcomes  for this single client are:

  • 23,304 Ranked Keywords that exceed a Keyword Difficulty of 85 with a search volume of 49,630,480.

    seo company client keyword difficulty

  • 78,727 Featured Snippets
  • 126,500 Site Links
  • 181,000 People Also Ask
  • 4,900 Top Stories (on the date that this was written)
  • 23,000 Knowledge Panels
  • The specific keywords and URLs in the chart above are blurred to maintain confidentiality. However, you can see by the length of the blurs that the keywords are mostly short in length (single words). 
  • While only 15 of the total 199,238 keywords are listed in the chart one exceeds 2M in search volume per month, three exceed 1.2M, six exceed 450k, the remainder all exceed 60K. 

How Do We Achieve These Incredible Results?

It's a Process We've Perfected Over 15 Years

Discovery Call
It All Begins Here

Click on the Icon to the left to set up a Discovery Call with our team. It all begins here. Together we will determine if you are the right fit for our program. If we determine that we are a good fit together we will move forward to a Comprehensive Initial Analysis Report (IAR)

Comprehensive Initial Analysis
Proper Prior Planning

This is the most comprehensive analysis in the SEO industry. A team of researchers will take approximately 3 weeks to assemble the data for this report. The results is a collection of over 9 reports. When completed we will schedule a delivery call which typically takes 1 1/2 hours. We ask that all stake holders from your team be present.

Complete Keyword Research
Industry Leading Process

Depending on your industry we will collect 300 - 600 target keywords. Our keyword selection process is extensive, considering keywords you may already rank for, your competitors' keywords, an internal focus group who will assess your site from a lay perspective, followed by an extensive variant search.

Site Technical Analysis
This is where the nerds come in...

The Technology Assessment determines if there are any technological issues with you website. This includes an analysis of the platform your using, its performance, in addition to structural evaluation, and site speed and lighthouse testing.

Exhaustive Competitor Research
Identify who we have to beat...

Not only do we investigate competitors to identify keyword opportunities, but we must also analyze both their strengths and weaknesses.  This analysis help determine and establish priorities.  

Site Strength Analysis
Baclink Analysis and More...

Do we have a solid start on backlinks?  At ground zero?  Understanding authoritativeness of the site is an important step to establishing priorities.  Comparing our strengths to the competition also helps in prioritizing SEO tasks.

Full Site SEO Audit
More than 150 Checkpoints

This is the basic on-page analysis of all content of the site.  Is it structured properly? We check more than 150 on-page elements to insure that content is indeed SEO "friendly".

SEO ROI Analysis
If you can't make money what's the point?

Not all keywords are created equal. Some are more competitive than others, some drive large amounts of traffic but convert poorly, some drive low amounts of traffic but have high conversion rates. We spend a huge amount of time and analysis making these determinations with you.

Delivery of Findings
Bring Coffee

Once we have collected and analyzed all of this information it's time to deliver the data to you. We don't take this step lightly.  The best SEO campaigns have involvement of the client right from the get go. Your input is not only valuable, it's necessary.

Building Strategic and Tactical Plans
The Devil is in the details.

We start with an overarching strategic plan, then break it down in to a 90 day rolling tactical plan.  What priorities needs to be accomplished and in what order?  Do you have additional resources that can be utilized for the project? Copywriter(s), Graphic Designers(s), Web Developers or designers?  Do you need us to handle all aspects or lead/coordinate a internal or external team?  

Continuous Communication
One hand MUST know what the other is doing.

Successful SEO Campaigns come from a seamless collaboration between the SEO Company and the client.  We accomplish this through a commitment to continuous communication.  We monitor every step through our project management system and scheduled weekly calls.

Relentless Monitoring and Accountability
Reporting Holds Everyone Accountable

You shouldn't have to hunt down your SEO Company for reports. We send regular reports on a cadence we agree on. While we can't guarantee results (and if any SEO Company says they can you should run) we can and do guarantee that you will be informed every step of the way with clear and concise reports on project progress reporting, Rankings, and Traffic.

We Live by the adage, "If you can't measure it, you can't manage it."

OK, So You Do Great National SEO, How About Local SEO?

📱 Mobile Users Click on each image below to see the before and after results.

Keyword: Living Trusts Attorney

Location: Orlando, FL

Before After

Keyword: Men’s Custom Suits

Location: Pittsburg, PA

Before After

Keyword: Prenuptial Agreement Attorney

Location: Central FL

Before After

Keyword: Property Damage Attorney

Location: South Florida

Before After

Keyword: Real Estate Attorney

Location: Central FLorida

Before After

Keyword: Funeral Flowers

Location: Toronto CA

Before After

Well We Kick Butt at Local SEO Too...


Hardcore Answers to the Most Frequent Questions.

TLDR: Not Cheap, But affordable when you consider hiring some other company that fails.

While we have very effective and affordable Local SEO / GBP Optimization Plans,s our National and International SEO services are NOT cheap. We are a premium SEO Provider. We can’t apologize for this; if you want cheap SEO, you need to look elsewhere, but unfortunately, you will get what you pay for. 

If you end up paying and don’t get results, or worse, you damage your site’s reputation in Google’s eyes, just how cheap do you think that is?  

TLDR: Not Yes, But Hell Yes

Did you look at the charts and data above? We don’t mean to be SEO snobs, but not all SEO’s are created equal. You can look at the hand curated list of SEO’s we consider to be reputable. We’ve seen their work, we know who does a good job, and we clean up the crap that bad SEOs create. Our clients stay around for years. Why? Because we are hella effective. 

TLDR: It Depends – You need to Read the Answer (LOL)

The time it takes to see results from SEO efforts can vary depending on the competitiveness of the industry and the current state of your website. However, it can typically take several months to a year to see significant improvements in search engine rankings and website traffic. If you look at the charts above this has been a 3 year process. 

TLDR: Nope

No reputable SEO Company will guarantee top rankings on Google, as the algorithm used by search engines is constantly changing, and there are too many variables at play to make such a guarantee. An SEO company can, however, guarantee to utilize best practices.

TLDR: We won’t play those tricks.

We don’t play tricks; we don’t talk in circles. If you want to rank for meaningless, low-volume, non-converting keywords, go to a firm that “guarantees” these types of results if you want accurate results with real traffic that brings real visitors that convert to come back and see us. We’ll be here. 

TLDR: Relentless Meaningful KPI Reporting

We measure the success of our SEO efforts through a combination of key performance indicators (KPIs) including organic traffic, user behavior analysis, search engine rankings, and conversions. We track these metrics on a regular basis and provide detailed reports, highlighting areas of improvement and outlining our ongoing optimization strategy. Additionally, we regularly analyze the performance of specific tactics and adjust our strategy accordingly.

TLDR: Coffee lots and lots and lots of Coffee

Our team stays up-to-date with the latest developments and changes in Google’s nightmarish everchanging algorithms through regular research, drinking coffee, industry events, drinking coffee, and ridiculous amounts of reading while drinking coffee. (OK some of us drink Mt. Dew) We also have a dedicated team of experts who continually monitor search engine guidelines to ensure our strategies are in compliance with the latest best practices. 

We also have the blessing of being able to monitor a large amount of websites and their results. While some SEO publications are writing about the recent changes we’ve often already identified the changes, and are moving to adjust our strategies before they even publish their articles. We’ll get up in the morning after having identified the problems, developed counter strategies (if necessary) and have a cup of coffee while reading their articles.

But here’s the real deal. We don’t usually worry about algo changes. If you have a commitment to excellent quality content, natural link acquisition strategies, and constant focus on user behavior (meaning you create content users want to interact with), Google will love your site because people will love your site. Algorithm changes are most concerning to black hats and cheaters.

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