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The History of - About Us

2003 - 2005

Founded in 2003 by a group of friends, SEO Company started off as an informational resource for people and companies interested in SEO
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In early 2009 was acquired by a larger Digital Marketing Firm Buildtelligence Web Solutions and and focused on providing SEO services as a standalone subsidiary.

SEO Company Screen Capture 2009


In 2011 SEO Company Launched the first online comprehensive SEO Site Checking Tool. Website owners could get an automated report of the health of their website's SEO ranking factors.

2011 SEO Company Screenshot SEO Health Check


In 2012 SEOCompany came under the That! Company Family of Brands, still owned by Buildtelligence and began offering White Label SEO Services under That! Company

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2016 - 2022

SEO Company focused more heavily on White Label Services than B2B helping That! Company become one of the Largest White Label Digital Marketing companies in the United States

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2023 - Today

While still offering White Label services under the That! Company Brand SEO Company has once again broadened its focus to offer direct-to-business  SEO services. 

As the OG SEO Company, we are simply pound for pound, dollar for dollar, the best SEO Company period.

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