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E-commerce SEO increases visibility and in turn Increase Sales Transactions

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Introduction to Our E-commerce SEO Services

e commerce seoWelcome to, your comprehensive solution provider for all your e-commerce SEO needs. Our team of experts has years of experience helping businesses of all sizes maximize their online potential through effective ecommerce SEO strategies.

Definition of E-commerce SEO Services: E-commerce SEO services are techniques and practices designed to help online businesses improve their search engine rankings, attract more organic traffic, and increase sales. This includes optimizing website content, structure, and technical elements, building high-quality backlinks, conducting keyword research, and monitoring analytics data.

Importance of E-commerce SEO Services for Businesses: In today’s digital age, eCommerce SEO has become crucial to any successful online business. With millions of websites competing for the top search engine rankings, it can be difficult for companies to stand out and attract potential customers. Ecommerce SEO services help businesses level the playing field, increasing their visibility, credibility, and profitability. By working with an experienced e-commerce SEO company like, businesses can achieve higher search engine rankings, reach more customers, and ultimately, grow their revenue.

So, if you want to improve your online presence and reach your full e-commerce potential, you’ve found the right place! Look no further than Our team of experts is dedicated to delivering results-driven ecommerce SEO solutions that help businesses succeed online.

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Benefits of Ecommerce SEO Services

The benefits of ecommerce SEO services are numerous and can help you to achieve your business goals, including:

  • Increased visibility: Ecommerce SEO services can help to improve your website’s visibility in the search results pages, making it easier for potential customers to find your site.
  • Increased traffic: By optimizing your website for search engines, you can drive more organic traffic to your site, which can lead to increased sales and conversions.
  • Improved rankings: By following best practices for ecommerce SEO, you can improve your website’s rankings in the search results pages, which can lead to increased visibility and exposure.
  • Increased brand awareness: By creating high-quality, engaging content and building your brand’s online presence, you can build your brand’s reputation and authority, which can help to attract new customers and retain existing ones.

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Reasons Not to Start

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As the ecommerce market becomes increasingly competitive, investing in ecommerce SEO services is more important than ever. Here are three reasons why you should start ecommerce SEO services for your business today:

Our Ecommerce SEO Services

Keyword research and optimization:

We conduct thorough research to identify the keywords most relevant to your business. We will optimize your website’s content and meta-data around those keywords to increase your visibility in search engine results pages.

Content optimization:

We will optimize your website’s content to ensure that it is relevant, high-quality, and provides value to your audience. This will not only help you rank higher in search results, but it will also help keep visitors engaged and coming back for more.

Technical optimization:

Our team will also optimize your website’s technical elements, such as site speed, mobile responsiveness, and other factors that can impact your search engine rankings. This will ensure that your website runs smoothly and effectively, giving you the best chance of ranking high in search results.

Product & category optimization:

Product description and category optimization are essential aspects of e-commerce SEO. By optimizing these elements, we can improve the relevance and search visibility of your products and categories.  Our experts deeply understand the latest best practices and techniques to help you achieve this goal, giving you a real advantage in the e-commerce space.

Internal link optimization

Internal link optimization is a crucial aspect of e-commerce SEO. It helps create a clear and structured website hierarchy and enables visitors to navigate different pages and categories easily. By optimizing internal links, search engines can also understand the importance of other pages and categorize them correctly. Our experts use advanced strategies to enhance your internal link structure,  boosting its visibility in search results.

Expert Consultant

Every e-commerce business is unique and requires a customized approach to achieve its SEO goals. We offer expert consulting services to help our clients identify their specific needs and develop a tailored strategy. Our experienced consultants work closely with our clients to identify their target audience, analyze their website’s performance, and recommend the best approach to achieve your goals. You get the benefits of years of SEO expertise and an unwavering commitment to your success.

The Ecommerce SEO Process:

It's a Process We've Perfected Over 15 Years

Discovery Call
It All Begins Here

Click on the Icon to the left to set up a Discovery Call with our team. It all begins here. Together we will determine if you are the right fit for our program. If we determine that we are a good fit together we will move forward to a Comprehensive Initial Analysis Report (IAR)

Comprehensive Initial Analysis
Proper Prior Planning

This is the most comprehensive analysis in the SEO industry. A team of researchers will take approximately 3 weeks to assemble the data for this report. The results is a collection of over 9 reports. When completed we will schedule a delivery call which typically takes 1 1/2 hours. We ask that all stake holders from your team be present.

Complete Keyword Research
Industry Leading Process

Depending on your industry we will collect 300 - 600 target keywords. Our keyword selection process is extensive, considering keywords you may already rank for, your competitors' keywords, an internal focus group who will assess your site from a lay perspective, followed by an extensive variant search.

Site Technical Analysis
This is where the nerds come in...

The Technology Assessment determines if there are any technological issues with you website. This includes an analysis of the platform your using, its performance, in addition to structural evaluation, and site speed and lighthouse testing.

Exhaustive Competitor Research
Identify who we have to beat...

Not only do we investigate competitors to identify keyword opportunities, but we must also analyze both their strengths and weaknesses.  This analysis help determine and establish priorities.  

Site Strength Analysis
Baclink Analysis and More...

Do we have a solid start on backlinks?  At ground zero?  Understanding authoritativeness of the site is an important step to establishing priorities.  Comparing our strengths to the competition also helps in prioritizing SEO tasks.

Full Site SEO Audit
More than 150 Checkpoints

This is the basic on-page analysis of all content of the site.  Is it structured properly? We check more than 150 on-page elements to insure that content is indeed SEO "friendly".

SEO ROI Analysis
If you can't make money what's the point?

Not all keywords are created equal. Some are more competitive than others, some drive large amounts of traffic but convert poorly, some drive low amounts of traffic but have high conversion rates. We spend a huge amount of time and analysis making these determinations with you.

Delivery of Findings
Bring Coffee

Once we have collected and analyzed all of this information it's time to deliver the data to you. We don't take this step lightly.  The best SEO campaigns have involvement of the client right from the get go. Your input is not only valuable, it's necessary.

Building Strategic and Tactical Plans
The Devil is in the details.

We start with an overarching strategic plan, then break it down in to a 90 day rolling tactical plan.  What priorities needs to be accomplished and in what order?  Do you have additional resources that can be utilized for the project? Copywriter(s), Graphic Designers(s), Web Developers or designers?  Do you need us to handle all aspects or lead/coordinate a internal or external team?  

Continuous Communication
One hand MUST know what the other is doing.

Successful SEO Campaigns come from a seamless collaboration between the SEO Company and the client.  We accomplish this through a commitment to continuous communication.  We monitor every step through our project management system and scheduled weekly calls.

Relentless Monitoring and Accountability
Reporting Holds Everyone Accountable

You shouldn't have to hunt down your SEO Company for reports. We send regular reports on a cadence we agree on. While we can't guarantee results (and if any SEO Company says they can you should run) we can and do guarantee that you will be informed every step of the way with clear and concise reports on project progress reporting, Rankings, and Traffic.

We Live by the adage, "If you can't measure it, you can't manage it."

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How to Get Your eCommerce SEO Campaign Started

  • become an SEO Company client arrow right
Complimentary Preliminary Analysis
Please note that we don't take every client, but we will do a preliminary analysis to see if your project is a good fit. We will review the outcome of that analysis at the next step. Click on the Icon Above to Request
The Interview
In this step, we will interview each other. We are selective about our clients, just as you should be selective about the SEO Company that you hire. Seriously though, you DON'T need to dress up for this 🙂 we've had it happen before!
Comprehensive Analysis
This is the most comprehensive analysis performed by any SEO Company. It takes us about 3 - 6 weeks to prepare (depending on the complexity of the project). The delivery meeting for this analysis is usually 1 1/2 hours.

E-Commerce SEO FAQ

Hardcore Answers to the Most Frequent Questions.

TLDR: Not Cheap, But affordable when you consider hiring some other company that fails.

While we have very effective and affordable Local SEO / GBP Optimization Plans,s our National and International SEO services are NOT cheap. We are a premium SEO Provider. We can’t apologize for this; if you want cheap SEO, you need to look elsewhere, but unfortunately, you will get what you pay for. 

If you end up paying and don’t get results, or worse, you damage your site’s reputation in Google’s eyes, just how cheap do you think that is?  

TLDR: Not Yes, But Hell Yes

Did you look at the charts and data on our home page?? We don’t mean to be SEO snobs, but not all SEO’s are created equal. You can look at the hand-curated list of SEO’s we consider to be reputable. We’ve seen their work, we know who does a good job, and we clean up the crap that bad SEOs create. Our clients stay around for years. Why? Because we are hella effective. 

TLDR: It Depends – You need to Read the Answer (LOL)

The time it takes to see results from Ecommerce SEO efforts can vary depending on the industry’s competitiveness and your website’s current state. However, it can typically take several months to a year to see significant improvements in search engine rankings and website traffic. If you look at the charts on our home page that represents a 3 year process. 

TLDR: Nope

No reputable E-commerce SEO Company will guarantee top rankings on Google, as the algorithm used by search engines is constantly changing, and there are too many variables at play to make such a guarantee. An SEO company can, however, guarantee to utilize best practices.

TLDR: We won’t play those tricks.

We don’t play tricks; we don’t talk in circles. If you want to rank for meaningless, low-volume, non-converting keywords, go to a firm that “guarantees” these types of results if you want accurate results with real traffic that brings real visitors that convert to come back and see us. We’ll be here. 

TLDR: Relentless Meaningful KPI Reporting

We measure the success of our SEO efforts through a combination of key performance indicators (KPIs) including organic traffic, user behavior analysis, search engine rankings, conversions, and e-commerce sales. We track these metrics on a regular basis (usually weekly) and provide detailed reports highlighting areas of improvement and outlining our ongoing optimization strategy. Additionally, we regularly analyze the performance of specific tactics and adjust our strategy accordingly.


We have a large and incredible team of committed digital marketers. Talk to one of our digital strategists and see how we might be a fit for your digital marketing goals.

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