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Introduction: At, we value feedback as an integral part of our continuous improvement process. Feedback enables us to enhance our services, refine our processes, and cater more effectively to our clients’ needs. Recognizing the significance of constructive criticism, we’ve instituted this Actionable Feedback Policy, ensuring that every piece of feedback we receive is treated systematically, leading to effective action.

1. Scope: This policy applies to all feedback received from clients, partners, internal teams, and any other stakeholders related to the services and products of

2. Definition of Actionable Feedback: Actionable feedback refers to specific, clear, and constructive comments or suggestions that provide insights into areas of improvement or enhancement. Such feedback should be:

  • Specific: Clearly pinpointing the area, process, or aspect that requires attention.
  • Measurable: Quantifiable or assessable in some form, making it easier to address and evaluate.
  • Relevant: Pertinent to our operations, services, or products.
  • Time-bound: Specifying a reasonable timeframe within which the issue should ideally be addressed.

3. Feedback Channels: Feedback can be submitted through various channels including:

  • Direct emails to our support or account management teams.
  • Feedback forms available on our website.
  • Scheduled review meetings with clients or partners.
  • Social media platforms where we have a presence.

4. Processing Feedback: Once feedback is received:

  • It will be acknowledged within 48 hours.
  • The relevant department or team will review it within 5 working days.
  • An action plan will be drafted, if necessary, detailing the steps to address the feedback.
  • The individual or entity providing the feedback will be informed about the plan and expected timeline.

5. Regular Review: Every quarter, a feedback review meeting will be conducted to analyze the feedback received, the actions taken, and their outcomes. This ensures that our approach is consistently effective and that no feedback goes unaddressed.

6. Confidentiality: Any feedback received, especially when it contains sensitive information or is marked as confidential by the sender, will be treated with the utmost discretion. Only the relevant personnel will have access to such feedback.

7. Encouraging Feedback: We actively encourage all our stakeholders to provide feedback. Regular reminders, accessible feedback mechanisms, and a transparent approach to addressing feedback underline our commitment to continuous improvement.

For any clarifications or further details regarding our Actionable Feedback Policy, please contact us:

Company Owner: That! Company
Address: PO Box 177, Fruitland Park, FL 34731
Contact Phone: 800-724-0252

Your feedback is a valuable asset to us, and this policy aims to ensure that it is always recognized, respected, and acted upon.

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