Top 5 Practices Used by the Best SEO Agencies for Ecommerce Companies

So, you’ve figured out that you need Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your eCommerce website to keep up with competitors and offer a better overall experience for both you and your customers.

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However, now you have the task of choosing what type of company or agency is going to be best for you to reach the maximum amount of success. These are the top 5 things the best SEO agencies for Ecommerce companies do to give their clients the best experience and success:

  1. Do their research (keywords, competitors, site audits, etc.)
  2. SEO best practices
  3. Keep up with algorithm shifts
  4. Communicate
  5. R.A.D.

Research is Key

When a company is first hired to start working on your eCommerce SEO, they will ideally do a lengthy amount of research. They’ll ask you what they need to know about your industry, what your marketing goals are, and what your focus will be: (whether it is to drive sales, increase brand awareness, increase website traffic, etc). SEO is a special field because it is impossible to be an expert for every client. Sure, we know the best practices for SEO and we may be impressively experienced in our field, however, we can’t be an expert on every client’s market. That’s where client feedback and information is invaluable so the best SEO company can know which direction to go and get better results.

They will also research your competitors: their tactics, their rankings, their keywords, etc. There are several tools to do this, and the best SEO company will use a multitude of resources in order to make sure they are getting the most accurate and helpful information in order to start targeting keywords. Essentially, what your SEO consultant will be evaluating is: What sets your competitors out from the rest? What elements of their business or products do they highlight in their marketing and advertisements?

magnifying glass over book Additionally, site audits are performed to make sure your website is in perfect working order. This is a great way to catch any small technical mistakes and correct them early on. Site audits also analyze the “image” of your site and how it would appeal to your target audience: does it look old and need a refresh? {Link to site refresh blog?} Are the colors meshing well? Is the font and font color used easy for your users to read? Furthermore, technical errors can be addressed and corrected like broken links, buttons that aren’t functioning correctly, media query breaks, and other elements of the site that don’t quite work properly and can hinder the user experience.


Using SEO Best Practices

Knowing and following the Search Engine Optimization best practices are two different things, however, to the best SEO agencies, they are both equally important. Your eCommerce site can easily benefit from changing a few keywords, adjusting content length, and adding some more backlinks, however, this is just a minute amount of work that should actually be done to fully optimize a site.

To adhere to the entirety of SEO best practices, the best SEO agencies for Ecommerce companies consider:

  • URLs of your pages: URLs should be as simplified as possible in order to explain the direct hierarchy of your page structure.
  • Title Tags: These show up in the search engine result and, with the meta description, entice potential customers to click on your product listings.
  • Meta Descriptions: This is a longer snippet of information to persuade potential customers to click on the search query result that appears for a page of your site.
  • Image Alt Text: This is short information about the image, containing the keyword that can help with ADA compliance and offer information for accessibility options.
  • Keyword Density: There is a sweet spot between 1% and 2% to stay in order to register as a keyword but not appear to be keyword stuffing and appear scammy.
  • Internal Linking: This is linking from one article to other articles you have on your website with similar focus or contact pages.
  • Links to qualified outside sources: This means linking to outside sources that are not associated with your company that have a high standing with Google, this can be done to show proof of information or statistics.
  • Secure website addresses: A secure website shows that it is safer for users to browse, and in an eCommerce site it is imperative to show the check-out process is secure for customers.
  • Page-loading speed: A fast page-loading speed provides users with a better user experience, which is Google’s goal.
  • Responsive, mobile-first/friendly design: Most people in today’s internet climate are using their phones to search for things, which would mean a heightened importance on mobile-friendly designs.
  • Backlinking: Other websites linking to your sites means that you could have authority on this topic and should be considered of a higher status.

These elements are all important factors considered by the best SEO agencies for eCommerce companies. They want to make sure that all our bases are covered and that our clients experience the most success as possible when visiting a visit.

Keep Up with Algorithm Shifts

man looking at the starsAlgorithm shifts occur when search engines narrow down their preferred qualifications of websites and their web pages in order to affect rankings and weed out the unsavory sites. They can happen relatively at any time and the search engines don’t tell the public what exactly they are targeting with these shifts, but usually, industry professionals narrow down the possible changes.

Rankings could potentially take a deep dive because of the new standards, even though the SEO professional, the web developer, and the client haven’t done anything that could be considered suspicious on their web pages. By keeping up to date with these algorithm shifts and any other search engine updates, any potential detrimental effects could sooner be addressed and corrected.

Some clients who are in more challenging industries could see more of these effects from the algorithm shifts as an inevitable result of Google cracking down on their entire industry. This requires more patience on the part of the client and more work on the part of the SEO agency in order to find creative ways to keep their clients’ websites from being punished by Google.


The best SEO agencies for Ecommerce companies know that communication is essential to any sort of business relationship. A lack of communication can lead to clients feeling distant from their agencies, feeling like no one is doing anything for their project, and it could feel like they’re not getting their money’s worth. Lack of communication could eventually lead to companies leaving, breaking contracts, and a resulting bad reputation for the agency.

In order to keep these adverse events from happening, remember that communication is key. Make sure your clients are aware of their rankings with weekly reports, weekly or bi-weekly phone calls (as determined by their contract). These phone calls should be preceded by reports of their current rankings and any major changes that have occurred, like algorithm shifts. These reports and shifts would then be explained in further detail during the phone call as well as addressing any of the client’s concerns about their progress.

It’s important when addressing any negative changes with rankings to explain how it happened or could have happened, and then describe the action items you have planned to remedy the situation. This gives the client peace of mind that you’re fully aware of the situation and have a strategy to change these results.


This is probably the most important trait an SEO agency could have. At That! Company, R.A.D. is in everything we do both at work as well as in our personal lives. This acronym deals with how clients, coworkers, and other people in our lives should be treated.

R – Relationship

Building relationships with clients is extremely important in order to truly be successful in this industry. It is more important to be seen as a human who can listen, and address client concerns professionally in one sentence and then ask about the client’s new grandson in the next sentence. The sort of duality to where it’s not just a business/tech support relationship, but a human to human relationship that deserves as much work and attention as their website’s Google rankings.

A – Attitude

girl holding happy balloon over her face Having a positive and confident attitude toward clients and their thoughts and concerns can really go a long way in trying to create a mutually beneficial relationship. A consistently optimistic attitude toward their progress and results can put clients in a better frame of mind and make them also more optimistic about their future success. Even if their results aren’t great, or have been damaged by an algorithm shift, you can still be optimistic about how you can turn it around and create continued success.

D – Dependability

Showing your client that you are dependable is one of the most important traits that the best SEO agencies for Ecommerce companies always consider. Being on time to meetings, following up with action items in a timely manner and essentially being on top of all the inner workings of each project can show dependability. All of these things show the client that they matter and that they are important to you. This relates back to Attitude and Relationship to show your client that they are more than just a ranking report and a source of income.

In sum, the best SEO agencies for Ecommerce companies only need to do 5 things in order to be considered the best: Do their research in order to get onto the right track and adhere to evolving SEO best practices. They need to keep up with algorithm shifts and updates to keep their clients on top and communicate with their clients, so everyone is on the same page. Finally, consider R.A.D. (Relationship Attitude and Dependability) to show your client that they matter as a person and that their thoughts and feelings are important to your project.