Small Business SEO Plans

SEO Company provides SEO Services for companies of all sizes, but many times we get inquiries from small businesses who want the same results as our large corporate clients but have a much more limited budget to work with. That’s why we started our Small Business SEO Programs. To help companies like yours MAXIMIZE their time and investment we will show you a simple 4 step process to Winning the keywords you want to win.

So what are the 4 Simple Steps?


small business step by step

Answer these questions to know where to start:

1. Can you edit your website with ease?

YES – Skip to Step 2 NO – Start at step 1

2. Do you know which keywords drive traffic AND convert into Sales / Leads?

YES – Skip to step 3 NO – Start at Step 2

3. Do you know EXACTLY what you need to do to win your keyword / keyword phrase?

YES – Skip to Step 4 NO – Start at Step 3

Small Business SEO Step: 1 Get Site Control


If you already have a CMS, or can edit your site easily, then skip to step 2. If not please read this section:

step 1Small Businesses often have their websites built by a web designer that’s a friend of a friend, or they have bought their website through a local company. These are fine when you start out but often the small business learns that making changes to their website is difficult. The original “friend” is no longer around, the company that you used is hard to reach, or the company charges for minor changes. Large Businesses have learned that Web Content Management Systems (WCMS) gives them control on making changes to their site without the need to call their developer. If they want to add new products, pages, sections, they can do this with ease.

So where can a small business get a WCMS inexpensively?

There are a lot of options out there. Some systems you should consider: Joomla, Drupal, PHP-Nuke, Mambo, and PostNuke. These systems are all open source (meaning FREE) and can give you immediate control of your site.

Why site control is important to Small Business SEO:

If you have read about How SEO Works then you understand that you will want to optimize your content (On page SEO). Having a “middle man” involved in making changes can add unnecessary costs and delays in moving forward on your Small Business SEO efforts. If you can do it yourself, you can avoid those costs and delays.


How SEO Company Can Help in Step 1:


SEO Company offers SEO Friendly Web Design Services. We use an open Source CMS system that we have built and collected SEO Components and Modules for that make the system practically handle the On Page SEO for you. If you know your keywords then when you add properly formatted and density content the other parts of SEO are handled for you automatically. We can convert your current site to the CMS and you can have control over your content and never have to call a web developer again for changes. We provide complete training to you or your employees on how to add new content and make changes. Prices for site conversions can vary dramatically (dependent on how large your current site is and what needs to be converted). If you need WCMS installation or conversion please contact our sales department at 1-800-742-0252.


Small Business SEO Step 2: Identify Your Keywords


Identify Keywords:

seo step 2

This is a VERY important step. This process is probably the most important of all research that you can accomplish and most important to understanding how SEO works. There is simply no point to entering into a search optimization campaign unless you know;

1. Which keywords are being searched

2. How competitive are the keywords (i.e. how likely and how long will it take to win them)

3. Which keywords drive conversions, which keywords drive traffic but not conversions.

We have a very mathematical approach to keyword identification. Factors we consider are search volume, search engine result counts, keyword phrase use in title tags, Alexa Rankings, Backlink counts and quality of your competitors, and Google Page Rank of competitors. These factors are then mathematically combined into Keyword Effectiveness Index (KEI) Keyword Performance Index (KPI), BLKEI ™ and a BWKPI ™.

How SEO Company Can Help in Step 2:

Keyword Research Reports – With these reports you also get 1 hour of consulting with an SEO Professional (You can ask ANYTHING you want but we recommend that you focus on the keyword report and understanding it). We have 2 levels of reports.

A. Comprehensive Keyword Analysis Report

Our research will often uncover hundreds (if not thousands) of keywords that are applicable to your project. Our Keyword research is the most comprehensive in the industry. We identify KEI (Keyword Effectiveness Index), KPI (Keyword Performance Index), CKPI (Competitively loaded Keyword Performance Index. This SEO Company Services information is combined with actual search volumes and then combined with position expectations and potential website visitor counts. We provide a complete cross section view of all online competition for each keyword and then sort the results into 4 priority groups. This gives you a clear priority of keywords based on how quickly you can expect to achieve rankings for each and the traffic you can reasonably expect for the effort needed to achieve the rankings.

B. Competitive Intelligence Report

With this SEO services analysis we will give you a complete picture of the competitive landscape that you face online. How your competitors are getting traffic, and then assessments on the competitors conversion rates and revenue..


Small Business SEO Step 3: Learn What to Change


Determining what to change:

seo step 3

You have control over your website, you have identified what keywords you want to focus on, now you simply need to know what to change.

Please read How SEO works AND Read SEO Ranking Factors – each of these documents will explain what types of things you need to change and what is important to the search engines. The SEO Ranking Factors document lists which attributes on your site and off your site that the search engines consider important and then lists those factors from most important to least important.

How SEO Company can help you with Step 3

We offer the MOST comprehensive SEO report available in the industry today. This is the same report tool that our own professionals use internally to help our large clients. For the first time in 2009 we have began to offer access to this high level information for small business clients. It will provide you with STEP by Step advice on what needs to be changed (Both on page and Off page) to achieve the rankings you want. We are so confident in this report that if you make the changes it suggests and you don’t get a top 10 ranking we will refund your money in full.


Small Business SEO Step 4: Making changes

seo step 4

The report from Step 3 will guide you in all of the changes you need to make in order to gain top 10 results.

Changing your web pages. If you have followed Step 1 you will have an easy to edit website. You should be capable of making all of the changes that you need. Including Changes to your title tag, text on the page (appropriate density), URL Keywords, Description Tags, Keyword Tags and More.

Building Inbound Links (backlinks) may be more difficult for most small businesses.

There are a number of ways to build quality backlinks. Off site Blogging, Press Releases, Working with your current vendors and customer to get links from their websites, testimonials of products that you use, sponsoring non profit events, and more. In addition on consideration is community building. Is your product or service conducive to an online community format with message boards and forums? If so this can be a fantastic way to have content (postings etc) built for you naturally by a community of site users. This can often be a great source of links. Social Networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIN, Digg, and Delicious, and others can also be a source of strong communications, building brand followings and ultimately inbound links from natural sources. Lastly direct email requests to sites and blogs that represent your industry asking for links and / or link exchanges is the final method of link building.

How SEO Company can help with Step 4:

I need better understanding: Get 1on1 SEO Consulting with a professional by phone

Paid Blogging: Call for Information

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