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Are You Optimizing for Voice Search in Your SEO Strategy?

Implementing useful SEO strategies help make your brand more visible to your target audience online. All elements of your SEO strategy may be effectively working but what if you still want to make it better or catch up with better-performing brands? Herein lies the importance of voice search optimization. Truth […]

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Amazon: The World’s Largest E-Commerce Search Engine

Many people don’t even realize that Amazon is a search engine. However, with 54% of all product searches, Amazon has placed itself as a prominent search engine only surpassed by Google, considering that YouTube is now part of Google. Amazon is the most dominant e-commerce site on the planet with […]

An Understanding of SEO Marketing Using Today’s Standards

When Seth Godin released Permission Marketing, the book that ultimately pushed the world into a new era, search engine optimization (SEO) was a ruddy, pimpled adolescent with a hundred dishonest tricks up its sleeve. Following neatly behind, Google released a series of algorithms that would turn black hat SEO marketing […]

Affordable SEO Services – What You Need to Know

The humble search engine delivers 39% of international eCommerce traffic, so no business can afford to ignore their SEO strategy. You can’t cross a digital campaign off your to-do list, though. Google changes its search algorithm 500 to 600 times a year. That’s twice a day, so the only way to […]

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SEO Analysis is a Requirement, Not a Recommendation

No SEO campaign is cast in stone. It must evolve with a changing landscape that’s increasingly harsh on shallow marketing tricks. Between 16 and 20% of Google searches are entirely new, so using the same keywords for years on end may not be as effective as they once were. Your […]

SEO Optimization – Achieving Rank in a Voice and Mobile Search Era

2018 was a booming year for Google. The search titan released a series of algorithms that altered entire search biomes across the web, and 2019’s early Broad Core Algorithms were drastic enough to leave many websites flailing. March 2019’s unofficial tweaks were particularly brutal, attacking organic rankings and guiding the digital […]