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The Importance of eCommerce Category Page Optimization For SEO

Category pages are perhaps some of the most critical elements of any e-commerce website. According to recent research unveiled at SMX West 2020, these pages have the potential of ranking and driving more organic search traffic, unlike product detail pages. That’s perhaps why you need to make sure that you […]

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Instagram Logo | Optimizing Your Instagram Account

Mistakes to Avoid When Optimizing Your Instagram Account for SEO

Did you know that your brand’s Instagram account plays an exceptional role in search results? Perhaps, this is because this platform requires some authentication to create. Thus, search engines consider it to be more credible. In addition, it offers authoritative backlinks that help your website to achieve a good rank […]

Google’s Featured Snippet is Losing Leverage – What Now?

Position Zero and Effects of Its Nullification Google introduced featured snippets in 2014. The promoted organic ranking provided users with direct and concise answers to their queries on the search results page. Users did not have to necessarily click on a certain link to determine whether the information there was […]

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3 Important Factors That Affect Your Local Algorithms & Rankings

Local SEO is fundamental to brick-and-mortar business as it seeks to promote such businesses through location-based searches. Google uses geo qualifiers to identify your geo-location and provide search results relevant to that area. But how does Google know how to rank local businesses? How do you appear in the local-3 […]

What is the SEO Strategy for a New eCommerce Website?

When starting out as a fresh, new eCommerce site, it can seem daunting to go up against your competitors who have been around longer and have established themselves in the current market. However, with the right search engine optimization (SEO) tools, your website could be in fighting shape in no […]

Domain URL & SEO: The Essentials

Every website domain plays a role in the website’s overall rankings, whether to be its benefit or detriment. Let’s break down the important features of domains and why they weigh on your SEO rankings. There are three parts to a domain; an optional subdomain, a domain name, and the top-level […]

7 SEO Trends for 2020 to Keep You Ahead of the Game

Table of Contents 1. Voice Search2. The Dominance of Featured Snippets3. The Rise and Rise of Influencers4. Customer Experiences Will Continue to Rule5. Videos Will Continue to Rule SEO Trends for 20206. Longer Content to Improve Rankings7. Mobile Search Continues to SoarSummarizing the Top SEO Trends for 2020 SEO is […]