Mistakes to Avoid When Optimizing Your Instagram Account for SEO

Did you know that your brand’s Instagram account plays an exceptional role in search results? Perhaps, this is because this platform requires some authentication to create. Thus, search engines consider it to be more credible. In addition, it offers authoritative backlinks that help your website to achieve a good rank in SERPs.

While Instagram plays an exceptional role in improving your online presence, it requires special skills to optimize for SEO. Done right, it can attract more active followers, boost engagement rates and even enhance sales. On the other hand, a slight mistake in your optimization effort could backfire and cause havoc on your overall SEO effort.

Not sure of the possible missteps when optimizing your Instagram for SEO? We’ve got you covered! Here are seven mistakes that every business owner or marketer should avoid in their upcoming campaigns.

1. Cheesy and Inconsistent Feed

Optimizing Your Instagram | Mistakes to AvoidWhile creating a standard Instagram account and sharing content requires no skills, running a business profile isn’t that straightforward. It would help if you know how to create a cohesive feed. That is, share professional content consistently.

Nevertheless, consistency is not something you can accomplish overnight. It requires a bit of work and time to ensure that each post is logical in terms of visual concept, captions, timing, posting frequency and more.

The good news is that there are plenty of Instagram SEO tools. Combin Scheduler, for instance, can come in handy if you want to plan and streamline the process of sharing your Instagram posts and stories. Besides helping you edit your current Instagram campaign; this app can make different groups of hashtags and create optimized captions – long before you publish them.

2. Using Irrelevant Hashtags

Another common mistake that most people make while optimizing their Instagram is the failure to use hashtags or using irrelevant hashtags. Across social media platforms, Instagram included, hashtags serve as search queries – clicking on one gets you all the posts related to that tag.

For that reason, always ensure that the pictures you share are relevant to the tag you choose to add. A good rule of thumb is to avoid placing just about anything. Instead, use trendy tags that people are searching for. While at it, avoid using the same group of tags with each post. The reason? Instagram perceives these kinds of actions as spam.

For maximum impact, try using your brand’s custom tags. The reason for this is pretty simple. Custom hashtags play a critical role in building your business across your user base. That translates to a higher rank on the search results, leading to more traffic, leads and revenue.

3. Failing to Change the Location Tags

Failure to customize location tags is the other mistake that most international business owners make. Unlike local companies that don’t have several location tags, brands with an audience beyond a particular region need to change their location tags every now and then. In turn, this helps attract the relevant audience from various cities, countries or continents.

4. Using a Vague Instagram Username

Much like the name of an object, your username holds great worth – it makes it easy for your target audience to find you. That’s why you need to avoid using names that are not searchable. In their place, use a username that presents a clear brand name. Being the primary keyword, it should be short, distinctive and readable.

More importantly, explain to your audience what your username means to clear confusion (if any). If possible, write it in a language that is relevant to your target audience and avoid using symbols.

5. Failure to Use Alt Text on Images on Instagram

Optimizing Your Instagram | Use Alt Text on ImagesAlt-text is another essential function that most business owners and marketers often miss out on with Instagram optimization. Although the initial purpose of this feature was to help the visually impaired individuals, it’s now common with Instagram SEO.

If you’re not sure how to use this tool, just choose the image you want to share, write the caption and scroll all the way down. Under the accessibility section, you’ll see a blank space – this is where your Alt Text goes.

6. Leaving Out Keywords in Your Bio

Your bio is the perfect place to add both your primary and secondary keywords. Perhaps, this is because the keywords make it possible for your potential followers and clients to discover you on Instagram. Therefore, use simple keywords and ensure that you don’t inundate your bio with them.

7. Missing Keywords in Your Captions

Besides including them in your username and bio, keywords should also appear in captions. As mentioned earlier, keyword stuffing is not a good SEO practice. So, place professional yet strong keywords randomly throughout the caption and set them adjacent to title tags and usernames.

The Moral of This Article

Avoid the above seven mistakes like the plague. Remember, even the slightest misstep can ruin your overall Instagram SEO strategy.