Link Building

Many SEO Company Link Building Experts will tell you that the best methodology to building links is to get a large number of links to your websites and have the links come from websites that are related topics. While that advice is partially sound, it leaves the client in the dark as how to how this “magic trick” is being performed and it is similar to giving a recipe without any measurements.


First thing to learn… Link Building is NOT Magic… but it is a skill. Many of our clients understand the concept of having an seo professional build links properly for them and are content with the upper management view of what is being accomplished. We also know that link building is NOT a one time process and will be done continuously throughout the duration of a websites SEO and thus we also teach our SEO clients how to properly build quality links into their sites throughout our relationship.

Second thing to learn… There are quality links all around you that don’t require webmasters and businesses to pester people for links on their site. We assist businesses in building quality, organic, natural links every day. In recent years, search engines have started recognizing the link building systems used historically to artificially inflate websites. They have in turn started cracking down and penalizing those sites with anything from position penalties up to including complete ban from their search engine.

Third thing to learn… and most importantly, links are not just a numbers game. While there are formulas that can be used to calculate a general level of effectiveness of a link from a page, realize that there are factors above and beyond just getting the link on the page. Having links with proper anchor text certainly assists in any SEO company practice. Having those landing pages also having relevance to the anchor text is noticed and will serve a business better than without matching content on their site.

This only scratches the surface in link building strategies. Please contact one of our sales professionals and give us a chance to impress you with our skill, our knowledge and our honesty. Building inbound links to your website is an important part of any search engine strategy, having the knowledge of where to get links, which links are effective, and which link neighborhoods are favorable is the reason to get a quality seo company like Buildtelligence to assist your organization with link building.

Types of Link Building

There are two types of links (and multiple sub-types) of importance in SEO link building:

  • Inbound links: Links coming back to your site that are inbound links or our website linked on other websites.
  • Reciprocal links: Two website exchanging links to each other that is called reciprocal linking.
  • One Way link: Your website linked from another website without giving a link back is called as one way linking.
  • No Follow Links: Links that use the rel=nofollow attribute that don’t pass link juice from a linking site to yours.
  • Out Bound Links: Links taking us to another website called as out bound links.
  • No Follow Links: Links that use the rel=nofollow attribute that don’t pass link juice from your site to another.

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