Mike Knorr – Senior Editor

mike knorrMichael Knorr has 10+ years of providing hands on strategic digital marketing consultation.

Mike Knorr’s scope of expertise includes:

Search Advertising (Google, Bing/Yahoo,
Social Advertising (Facebook/Instagram, YouTube, Linkedin, Twitter, and Pinterest)
Search Engine Optimization
Organic Social Media Management (Specializing in Facebook/Instagram)
Email Marketing Automation
Content Marketing
Affiliate Marketing

Developing an Strong SEO Strategy

The range of clients Mike Knorr has managed ranges from a scale as large as providing Google Ad Management recommendations/execution to software companies spending $37,000 a day (~13.5 million annually), to building out an entire social media marketing strategy for Fortune 500 companies, to helping to build new startup brands from the ground up on shoestring budgets.

In Mike Knorr’s consultative business development role, he helps companies (representing both That Company, white label partners, & strategic partners) identify the digital marketing channels that will best help the client attain the greatest return on investment and largest market share opportunities. He also works within their budget constraints, while focusing on their vision and who they want to become.

Once Mike Knorr has developed the high level strategy of Who, What, When, Where, Why and How the marketing campaign will operate, he then puts it into the hands of That Company‘s digital marketing professionals who work with the client on day to day execution of the strategy.

Mike Knorr is a Senior Editor on the Editorial Team