Mark Gray – Senior SEO Consultant – Senior Editor

Mark GrayMark Gray has been with That! Company since the day that we opened the doors in May 2007, starting as a commission only, subcontracted website salesman providing website development and hosting services to SMB’s (small to medium sized businesses).

Mark Gray The Early SEO Days

As the company neared its first 6 months in business a fourth employee was added, and Mark Gray became the fifth full-time employee. Aside from the company’s CEO, Mark was the first employee to manage SEO campaigns. As the business’ Search Engine Optimization client base grew, Mark added Search Engine Optimization content curation and on page optimization implementation and testing to his resume.

As the company neared its first year in existence, Mark became a Search Engine Optimization consultant with a full load of clients to manage. Mark’s strengths include: On page Search Engine Optimization implementation and testing, internal link structure discovery and implementation, backlink disavowal discovery and data evaluation, Google Search Console use and data evaluation, Google Analytics use and data evaluation, client communication, reliability, accountability and Search Engine Optimization content curation on an ‘as needed’ basis.

Mark is credited with the reverse engineering of Featured Snippets through a deep Research into Google Patents and Extensive testing. What is Rank 0?

Mark Gray is a Senior Editor on the Editorial Team