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If you own an eCommerce site that operates on the WordPress platform, then WooCommerce SEO is no stranger to you. WooCommerce is a plugin that allows WordPress sites to look and function like any other eCommerce platform: you can shop, add items to your cart, accept payment at checkout, and utilize smooth shipping processes. These features are what make an eCommerce website different than most other sites and WooCommerce allows any website built on WordPress to have the ability to incorporate the sale of products. Giving people the ability to search and find your products on the vast expanse that is the internet proves to be the real challenge. man wearing WordPress logo shirt

WooCommerce SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the best marketing options out there to help define your business from being an unknown site to a well-known eCommerce site. An eCommerce SEO marketing plan is like having someone standing outside your storefront, urging people to come in and take a look around. We help people find your website by increasing your website’s placement in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). You know that age-old idiom: location, location, location! WooCommerce SEO is how you put your “storefront” in the best “location” online. Once you have established your place on the web, the visitors will come. It’s undeniable. When you are one of the first sites they see when they search for a specific product, the visitors will pour in.

Why Is SEO Important for WooCommerce Sites?

SEO has a variety of useful purposes as an online marketing strategy but the most obvious of reasons is to get visitors to your site. If you want to make it easier for your audience to find your products and to rank higher in search engines, then eCommerce SEO is the direction you want to head.

If your website doesn’t have a clear direction by utilizing purposeful keyword placement then search engines will have a difficult time figuring out what your site is about, what you are selling, and who you are trying to reach.  It is important that you determine focus keywords for your product descriptions and category pages to better guide search engine bots to give your products the results you rightfully deserve. The thing with algorithms is that they don’t have emotions, interpret pictures, or care about the “look” of your online storefront. For the algorithm to work in your favor, you have to say exactly who you are and what you sell for search engines to make any sort of helpful decision about where to place your site in SERPs.

Having a WooCommerce SEO expert on your side, leading the way for greater results is one of the best investments you can make for your eCommerce site. The rewards you will reap will be lasting and effective. So, let us ask you, do you think WooCommerce SEO is important?

Is WooCommerce an SEO Friendly Platform?

One of the top questions we get asked is “how SEO friendly are certain eCommerce platforms” and we are pleased to inform you that WooCommerce is SEO friendly as long as you pair it with some needed plugins. Now, WooCommerce may not be deemed to be the most SEO friendly but it most certainly gets the job done and does it well.

friends jumping in the airWooCommerce is built using code that is optimized for SEO but in the way of SEO features, it doesn’t offer a lot of user ability built into the platform. However, with plugins like Yoast SEO you can achieve a big boost in your rankings by having features that are easily manipulatable within the platform and not buried in code. The fact that WooCommerce easily integrates with a variety of plugins opens a world of options to your eCommerce site and its customization capabilities.

To summarize, WooCommerce alone can be a headache and half to optimize unless you know your code very well but with helpful plugins, WooCommerce can become one of the most SEO friendly platforms. Know that when you work with plugins, you will want to keep them updated to the most current version. Also, do your research to make sure that your plugin selections will play nicely with WooCommerce and the theme you use for your site.

How are WooCommerce Product Tags Important to SEO?

One of the major factors that influence the success rate of your WooCommerce SEO campaign is the proper usage of your product tags. This feature tends to be often overlooked, especially by the unknowing. WooCommerce product tags are a small portion of your overall optimization strategy but they play an important role in your products appearing in SERPs. When pairing focus keywords within your content and adjusting your internal links, these tags can boost your rankings and give your site the competitive edge we all want to achieve.

WooCommerce SEO has two major organizational options: categories and tags. Categories are essentially the major buckets that you drop your products into. These are your main genres for your set products. For example, if you sell shoes some categories would be athletic, dress, casual, sandals, etc.

no 1964 product tagProduct tags are how you refine your categories down into more specific and searchable terms on your site. These tend to be finer classifications for your products. Following the shoe example, say you are adding product tags to a specific athletic shoe. You would use tags to define color, dimensions, high top vs low top, and other narrowing specifications.

These tags are especially useful for searches within your site but how are WooCommerce product tags important for SEO? Search engines rely heavily on signals that your site triggers for bots that crawl your site and assess the classification of your site and the variety of keywords you should populate SERPs for. Since your product tags are details about your product, the chances of you showing for the search “white high top running shoe” is a lot more likely when you use “white” “high top” and “running” tags for your product that fits that description. Since search engines don’t read or interpret images, these tags give search engines the details they need to help searchers find a good result since eCommerce sites are largely image-based.

Simply put, product pages that utilize descriptive tags have a higher likelihood of resulting than product pages that do not have these tags.

What Makes You the Best SEO Company for WooCommerce Site Owners?

When achieving greatness, there is a constant need to be better than not just your competitors, but better than who we were yesterday. That Company strives to not only provide exemplary results for our clients but also develop an open-door relationship with them. Here at That Company, we operate under the mentality to be R.A.D. for our clients. R.A.D. is an acronym that we honed to stand for: Relationship, Attitude, and Dependability.

man running in lane one on a track

The most important aspect of our business is developing healthy and open communicative relationships with our clients. We aren’t just techies behind screens trying to get you the best results, we do that and we want to know about your business overall, your family, that vacation you went on. We invest in our clients as much as they invest in us because together, we are successful. The fact of the matter is, we care about you, your company, and your life overall.

As for attitude, we approach every project with a realistic but optimistic outlook for the campaign, even for the most challenging of keyword sets/industries. As a client, when your consultant has a positive plan of action, your confidence is higher in our ability to complete the task at hand. We want every interaction you have with us to be a positive, uplifting experience that leaves you feeling confident and optimistic.

Lastly, we uphold our end of things by being exceptionally dependable. You have a question? We will answer it in a timely manner. You can count on us to be prompt and present for all scheduled meetings. You can have faith in the fact that work is being completed by having clear, dependable communication throughout the entire campaign.

We could speak mountains of knowledge into this section depicting every skill and qualification we have that makes us better than any other WooCommerce SEO company. The true testament for our work isn’t just about talking the good talk, we want every aspect of your business relationship to be a fulfilling one. Not just because we care about keeping you as a client or because it’s a good work ethic but because it is our job to care about the success of your business. We are your biggest fan and we want your company to succeed just as much as you do.

How Can I Get Started with your SEO Services?

Getting started with our WooCommerce SEO services is a straightforward, detailed process. The first thing you will need to do is contact our sales department 1-800-724-0252 to set up a meeting to understand all the components that go into our SEO services. The first thing we like to do for our clients is an SEO Analysis Report.

This analysis is usually a one-time fee for a compilation of reports and delivery so you can determine if a WooCommerce SEO campaign is the right direction for you to go. We pride ourselves on our integrity of being honest with our potential clients, we will not sell a service if it is not the best option for your company. We want you to succeed with our provided services. The SEO Analysis Report deep dives your current rankings, your competitors, the current state of your site, the difficulty of the scope of work (this varies greatly on the product you provide and the industry you are in), and the projected success of your eCommerce SEO campaign.

Once the SEO Analysis is complete, we assess if SEO is the right marketing direction for you to take. If it is, then the next step would be for you to sign a retainer for our SEO services. This is similar to a retainer with a lawyer or other consistent service provider as it is based on hourly work for the month. We offer contracts as small as a 5-hour local SEO campaign to as many hours as your company would like for the month. That Company is well established and we handle a variety of sizes and scopes of projects for all kinds of business industries and website sizes.

What to Expect from Our SEO Services?

Every SEO Campaign we run has a primary consultant and secondary consultant assigned the project to ensure that your campaign is handled appropriately even when your primary consultant is of the office. Here are the items you should expect from your primary consultant:

  • two people meeting at a deskA Running 90-day Strategic Plan: This plan lays out the work and content that is to be completed by the consultant. This strategic plan will be updated every month and can be changed at any time for the priority you assign certain task items. In this plan, we layout your content strategy (Content Development SEO), what keywords we are targeting, the size of the content being produced, and how the content strategy incorporates into your site. This plan will also layout the items that we will tackle on your site audit (Technical SEO) as well as backend changes to improve your site speed, user experience, conversion tracking, and goal setting in Google Analytics.
  • Monthly Meetings: You and your primary consultant will have a regularly scheduled monthly meeting once your campaign is established and running well. In the early steps, your consultant may ask for a few additional meetings to make sure that your campaign is focused on the goals you would like to accomplish.
  • Weekly Reports: Your primary consultant will send you weekly ranking and analytics reports with a summary explaining your campaign’s strengths and weaknesses with plans of actions to improve upon certain aspects. These reports keep you informed consistently on the success of your campaign as well as keep us accountable for providing quality work to achieve your goals.
  • Reliable, Consistent Communication: Your primary consultant will manage their tasks for your campaign in a project management system that you have access to. In this project management system, they will keep you updated on current running tasks, what has been accomplished, any hang-ups they may have, and a few items that may need your attention such as reviewing content for proper brand messaging and accurate information.

Start a Successful WooCommerce SEO Campaign Today

If your WordPress eCommerce site needs some help driving traffic, don’t wait any longer to get the help you deserve! Give us a call 1-800-724-0252 and talk with us further about accomplishing your bottom-line goals! WooCommerce SEO very well may be the best investment you could make for your online business.