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If you are searching for an eCommerce SEO company, then you must be aware of the importance of running a BigCommerce SEO campaign. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a technical art that is dedicated to making a website rank higher in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) for select keywords and phrases to drive traffic back to a specific website. Many technical components go into a successful campaign as well as creative aspects for the user experience that make SEO a technical art. Various moving components come together to bring you a successful campaign.

Big Commerce transparent logo In this article, we will deep dive into the importance of running a BigCommerce SEO campaign, whether the BigCommerce platform is SEO friendly, how BigCommerce SEO services are different than other SEO services, why we are your BigCommerce experts for the job, and how to get started with your SEO campaign. If your eCommerce site is not hosted on BigCommerce but you are interested in SEO, see all of the eCommerce SEO campaigns we service.

Why Is SEO Important for BigCommerce Sites?

SEO is proven to be the most effective marketing strategy for an eCommerce site based on the ROI (return on investment) alone. While many companies utilize paid ads on search engines and social media, BigCommerce SEO is consistently the main driver of traffic to an eCommerce site.

For online shops, getting people to your storefront is do or die. With the massive amounts of online retailers competing for everyone’s business, getting your products and brand in front of potential customers is of the utmost importance. If people can’t find you, they will buy what they want or need from someone else. It doesn’t get simpler than that.

One of the biggest selling points for our BigCommerce SEO services is the lifespan of the work we do. Once your site is cleaned up and running smoothly, the ranking results you start attaining will hold their value. Now, rankings do fluctuate but when running an active SEO campaign, your consultant is not only responsible for getting your pages to rank but to keep them there with effective internal linking, keyword usage in the content creation, and further backlinking efforts to make your site an authoritative force in your industry.

The importance of SEO for eCommerce sites can be summarized very simply: organic traffic. Organic traffic is online users finding your website through the organic search results (not sponsored or paid ads) and landing on your site. Generating organic traffic for keywords and search queries that are focused around your product or service is the most cost-effective marketing strategy there is to this day as the ranking results you acquire with a good SEO strategy have the potential to endure longer than the length of your campaign.

Is BigCommerce an SEO Friendly Platform?

When hosting your eCommerce site on BigCommerce, there are many benefits concerning SEO that this platform provides that others don’t. BigCommerce themselves suggest to their customers to utilize an SEO strategy to reap the highest rewards online. One benefit, especially for small companies that don’t have much of a marketing spend, are their suggested SEO apps that integrate into their platform smoothly. When utilizing these apps, it makes configuring the SEO components much simpler for your online storefront. Much like doing SEO on WordPress’s WooCommerce, you will need some outside help such as apps or plugins that help make your platform more easily manipulatable for SEO.

With that being said, BigCommerce by itself is not the most SEO friendly of platforms but there are many inexpensive and free SEO apps that help make their platform become one of the most user and SEO friendly platforms.

How are BigCommerce SEO Services Different?

BigCommerce is a multichannel platform that allows you to post your products not only on your website but also on Amazon, eBay, and Facebook. This feature alone allows you to spread your products to wider audiences. BigCommerce also provides you a mobile-optimized version of your site with their platform. This works well with Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and since Google’s mobile-first indexing update has become a relevant change, this will provide even better mobile results with their platform.

aerial of a weaving road With those few features being a noteworthy difference between the BigCommerce platform compared to others, there are a few differences in having a BigCommerce SEO campaign versus the “normal” SEO services we provide. While some of these strategies are similar to typical SEO strategies, keeping in mind BigCommerce’s strengths and weaknesses puts a different priority on how we optimize and what course of action we attack these strategies.

We prioritize keyword research first and foremost like most campaigns. With this, we identify the keywords you should pursue that are a variety of difficulty levels. The more difficult of a keyword space, the earlier we should begin work on it. We also figure out high volume keywords that you already have rankings for (but not close enough to the first page to generate any real traffic) and optimize accordingly to bring on early results while simultaneously pursuing the ones that will take longer to conquer.

Another strategy is on-page optimization. During the initial process, we optimize page titles, meta descriptions, evaluate and adjust content quality, and headers to be more keyword focused. These on-page items in the early stages can boost your site’s rankings by making it more relevant and understandable to search engine’s bots crawling your site. When it is clear to these bots what your site provides, the more likely you are to rank for what you sell.

A few other strategies we implement is optimizing your mobile site for a better user experience as well as faster mobile load times. We also optimize site speed in general, for desktop and mobile. The faster your site can populate the page for a result will reduce your bounce rate and this is rewarded greatly by search engines. The last thing search engines want to do is provide a result to the searcher that doesn’t load.

What Makes That Company BigCommerce SEO Experts?

written strategy on white boardSEO is the essential factor in having a successful online business on BigCommerce. What makes us not only experts in SEO but on the BigCommerce platform as well, is our extensive experience with eCommerce clients. We have gone through the waves of Google algorithm changes and how they affect each different type of platform and industry. With BigCommerce not being one of the most user-friendly platforms, we have had a multitude of clients and leads seek out our expertise in how to best optimize their site on their platform.

If time in the business and extensive experience isn’t enough reason to consider us experts, then our constant thrive to stay on top of current industry news is another factor to keep in consideration. Working in an industry that never stops changing means we have to be on our A game constantly. We dedicate time to in depth research into a variety of platforms, not just BigCommerce, and how they are changing, adapting, and growing. Our entire staff writes a 1,200 word blog once a month to not only pass information on to users reading our blog but to also keep our entire company up to speed with current industry knowledge.

We pride ourselves in only selling marketing strategies that you will profit from. We are honest in our sales and SEO approach, so you can trust that the work we will do is the best you can get in the business. Your success is our success.

How Can I Get Started with your BigCommerce SEO Agency?

If you are looking to get started with a BigCommerce SEO company, then you need to look no further because here we are! And we are geared up and ready to take your eCommerce storefront to the next level with organic results.


The first thing you will need to do to get the process started is to call our sales department 1-800-724-0252 and get the ball rolling. During your call with our sales team, you will flesh out the goals you would like to accomplish with your SEO campaign, any previous SEO work that has been done, and set your budget for what kind of campaign your business can comfortably support. During this meeting, the sales team will run down the typical steps of a campaign and what you should expect from our services.

After discussing goals and price points, we will set you up with an Initial Analysis Review. This is a one-time fee for a compilation of reports and delivery to go over the potential success rate of an SEO campaign. We analyze your competitors, keywords you would like to rank for, and the difficulty levels associated with achieving them. We also give a rundown of your website’s functionality, a tech report that deep dives your site speed, issues on your site that are caught in the site audit, and the initial steps to cleaning those items up.

Many factors go into a successful BigCommerce SEO campaign and it is important that we do our due diligence before launching a full on campaign to make sure that this is the best fit for your marketing budget and if it will provide profitable results. In some cases, PPC or social media may be a better fit, especially if your product price point is on the lower side. We will not sell you a service if it is not beneficial to your company’s success and growth. There are no real winners if all the facts aren’t laid on the table and an educated decision is made from it.

After the Initial Analysis Review process, you have time to review the reports and digest all the information our SEO gurus pour out during the delivery. If you decide that BigCommerce SEO is the correct trajectory for your company, then the next step is to set up another meeting with our sales team. During this meeting, you will discuss your options on the size of the campaign you would like to launch. Much like seeking an attorney’s professional help, you will sign a monthly retainer for our SEO services that designates a set number of hours your SEO team will work on your account.

BigCommerce platform screenshot

Every new SEO client is assigned a primary and secondary consultant. The primary consultant will be your main point of contact and the lead on your campaign. This is the person you will have monthly meetings with and receive weekly ranking and analytic tracking reports from. Your primary consultant will also be the person who will spearhead your strategy and prioritize tasks that need to be accomplished.

Your secondary consultant will be up to speed with your account but will not actively be a part of meetings. The secondary consultant is responsible for maintaining communication with you when the primary is out of the office, whether on vacation or sick. They also assist the primary consultant with some wrench turning behind the scenes so all tasks will be accomplished in a timely and accurate manner. On larger accounts, the secondary consultant will also be present during meetings and will be more actively involved in daily/weekly communication. This is because larger accounts usually require more time which equates to more hands-on man hours by multiple people.

At That Company, we work as a team in SEO. As a business owner, you are aware that every employee has set strengths and weaknesses. With an established, helpful team, you can be assured that the best person is on the job. From content writing and editing to backlink strategies to technical SEO aspects, everyone on the That Company SEO team has areas that they excel. While you have a primary and secondary consultant assigned to your account, you have an entire team that makes things happen to provide you with the absolute best results.

If your eCommerce site needs to generate more traffic, then BigCommerce SEO is exactly what you need to make that bottom line dreams a reality. Give us a call today so your business can become everything you want it to be. 1-800-724-0252