Top industries that are the most profitable by utilizing SEO Marketing.

We service a variety of industries that cover a large portion of overall online professionals, sales and services organizations. When it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), there are some industries that inherently do better with this type of online marketing campaign. SEO is a longer process to develop and maintain as an internet marketing strategy, however the time and work spent in achieving a successful campaign can have results that can last the lifetime of your website.

Over the years, we have discovered there are numerous industries that seem to do better overall when proceeding with an SEO company. Why do these industries do better than others? The return on investment seems to be the common denominator for these businesses. These industries have the bandwidth that not only start an SEO campaign but to maintain it for a long time as well.

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We are going to deep dive into a few industries that we have learned during our time in business that seem to thrive with a detailed SEO strategy. The types of businesses we will be discussing are:

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eCommerce SEO

Build your brand and status with eCommerce SEO for your online store.

Growth in eCommerce

With online shopping sweeping across the world, it is no wonder that eCommerce is so prevalent and a highly profitable venture which in turn makes eCommerce SEO highly desirable as compared to paid advertising campaigns.  Some Basic Ecommerce Statistics:

  • E-commerce sales consisted of around 10 percent of total retail sales in the United States in the third quarter of 2018. (U.S. Census Bureau, 2018)
  • 69 percent of Americans report that they’ve purchased an item online. (NPR/Marist, 2018)
  • 25 percent of adults in the U.S. report purchasing an item online at least once a month. (NPR/Marist, 2018)
  • 22 percent of total apparel sales took place online in 2018. (The Atlantic, 2019)
  • 30 percent of total computer and electronics sales took place online in 2018. (The Atlantic, 2019)
  • 80 percent of shoppers want same-day shipping (ivesp, 2018)
  • U.S. shoppers spent $126 billion on online shopping over the 2018 holiday season. (Reuters, 2019)
  • Online holiday spend in the U.S. increased 16.5 percent between 2017 and 2018. (Reuters, 2019)
  • Mobile platforms made up 51 percent of retail traffic in the 2018 holiday season. (Reuters, 2019)

With Amazon being a giant in the eCommerce search engine industry, competing as an independent site without a game plan concerning SEO is like sailing a sinking ship: it’s only a matter of time before you get overtaken.

The Purpose of SEO for eCommerce

someone shopping online, card in hand The purpose of eCommerce SEO is to drive traffic, visitors, to your website. What good is a storefront if no one ever sees it? If no one can find your products, then you won’t get those sales. It seems like a simple way to break it down but ultimately that’s what it amounts to. Ecommerce SEO is specifically designed to optimize a product-driven site to rank not just for the genres of product you provide but also specific products that you have in your inventory.

Ecommerce SEO seems to be the most talked about SEO service while it can be one of the most difficult services to attain due to its unique nature of site structure and platform usage. So many SEO companies won’t service you because they aren’t knowledgeable on the inner workings of different eCommerce platforms. The most commonly rejected are sites that are based on the Magento platform. That’s not the case with our SEO Company as we are successful at SEO for Magento, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Shopify, 3D Cart, Volusion, and TrueCommerce as well as many other lesser known ecommerce platforms.

SEO for eCommerce Platforms

Being a provider of eCommerce SEO requires our team to not only understand the inner workings of SEO but also how to optimize each platform properly, stay up to date on industry news such as algorithm updates, and be able to make and implement strategic assessments for your unique site. If you are an eCommerce site owner, we highly recommend you consider eCommerce SEO as a long-lasting marketing strategy.

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SEO for Solar Companies

Expand your reach to your target market with strategized Local SEO for solar companies.

Being a solar panel company, whether you supply or install (or both), you know you have a niche market. But within that niche market is an audience that is looking for a company exactly like yours. The target audience for a solar company has a budget to work with to install a more ecological, sustainable energy solution for their home or business. While solar companies may not be flooding the market, it still is a fight to get qualified leads is it not? Herein lies the beauty of SEO for solar companies.

Growth in the Solar Industry

The Solar industry is growing:

  • As of the end of 2018, the U.S. had 64.2 GW of installed solar–enough to power 12.3 million American homes.
  • Solar energy accounts for 1.6% of total U.S. electricity generation.
  • The US. installed 10.6 GW of solar in 2018 alone.
  • Solar has ranked either first or second in capacity added to the U.S. electric total every year since 2013.

And with this growth so does the competition. Solar Companies must focus on digital marketing to stay relevant in an ever-increasing competitive marketplace.

Benefits of SEO for Solar Companies

men installing solar panelsOne of the benefits of a relationship between an SEO company and a solar company is the sustainable growth that you can achieve between both parties. Advertising’s overall goal is to increase your sales so you can increase your marketing budget (if you so desire) to keep expanding your company. You must spend money to make money, some say. It really is true in this industry because the growth potential is exponential once your customers can find your company online.

The biggest battle that most business owners struggle with is obtaining a highly reputable online presence. With smartphones so prevalent in our day to day lives, having a site that can be found during a mobile search is crucial, especially in the construction industry where everyone is go, go, go. The difference between you getting the job and some other company is that initial contact, form fill out, phone call, etc. that is generated by your customer searching for a solar company in their area.

Results in the Solar Industry

Another great aspect of a developed SEO strategy for a solar company is keeping your pipeline full. If you aren’t looking to expand into a massive solar company but rather maintain a healthy flow of leads and customers, then SEO is one of the most sustainable solutions for exactly this. You can gather leads consistently through form fill outs and call ins and divvy the work in time frames you can complete. Instead of paying for a click for a lead that needs a more immediate turn around, you can handle your organic leads without losing revenue. Whether they need immediate service or are patient to wait their turn, there isn’t much skin off your nose if they are being generated through a consistent lead funnel of qualified prospective buyers.

Solar companies who utilize SEO as a main marketing strategy often see a long-lasting return once their site starts reaching a healthy place in search engines’ eyes. While SEO is not the quickfire, “off to the races” method, it is often one of the longest lasting solutions for online marketing much like solar panels are as an energy source.

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SEO for Roofing Companies

Make sure homeowners find you online, that’s where they look first. Invest in strategized Local SEO for roofing companies.

As a roofing company, you should highly consider the option of SEO internet marketing for a variety of reasons but the biggest being: return on investment. A roofing job, once you land the job, pays out well. The acquisition for those leads can be a hefty price if you do not have a well-developed lead funnel utilizing SEO. If you are attaining your leads through pay per click advertising, a click to your website can cost you a pretty penny each time and there is no guarantee that the person who clicked will fill out a form or call your company. They very well could just be doing research on local roofers and you paid $100+ for someone who is only doing preliminary research.

orange roofing tiles

The point we are trying to make it: if your site can rank well within your area for select, focus keywords that your potential customers’ search, you could save oodles of money by discontinuing or lowering your PPC budget. The beauty of SEO for roofing companies is much like other industries: the work we do on your site can have long lasting effects for a fraction of the cost (compared to other lead generation methods).

For a lead to convert into a sale, your site needs to provide not just a top notch, informative experience but also provide clear and convenient ways to contact your sales team members. If they are looking for roof work, half the battle is already won since you don’t have to sell them on the service you provide. Your sales focus will be the price and delivery of the service. Considering that your target market is already searching for a roofing provider, your biggest battle is that they find you first.  While your competitors may have a variety of reasons why you don’t think they are a good fit for your target customers, your customers may not be able to come to those same decisions themselves. Especially if they don’t talk to you first, learn about your company and all the wonderful qualifications you boast on your site to persuade their decision making.

The reality of it is: if they can’t find you, you won’t be able to make that sale. SEO for roofing companies is the way to eliminate this snare in the sales process as well as provide a sustainable solution to your lead generation needs. Let us build this with you, for your company, together.

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Healthcare SEO – Online Marketing for Medical and Healthcare Providers

Make it easy for your patients to find and schedule with your practice by investing in strategic Local SEO for healthcare providers. 

To say the medical field is flooded with options for patients would vastly be an understatement. In a sea of options, being considered as a provider (especially for non-pertinent needs such as plastic surgery and dermatology) can be a challenge. To even be considered as a viable option to a patient, they must know who you are! They must be able to find you online, read your practices’ reviews, learn about the doctor(s) and their qualifications, where you are located, what insurance providers you accept. All of these factors are crucial to have a spot on your website but if the patient can’t even find your website to consider you as an option, what do you do? You hire an SEO company.

stethscope with red heart in the middle

An authoritative digital presence is more necessary now more than ever, and even harder to create.

  1. According to a Jackson Healthcare survey of physicians: The number of primary care physicians employed by hospitals increased from 10% in 2012 to 20% in 2014. Meaning ore primary care doctors are leaving private practice and joining hospitals at a rapid pace so you need to adjust your marketing strategy as a private physician to reach patients.
  2. According to Pew Research: 72% of Internet users say they looked online for health information within the past year. Now more than ever patients are going to the internet to search for health information. Are they finding your practice when they’re searching?
  3. 47% of Internet users search for information about doctors or other health professionals. So not only are people turning to the internet to research health information, but they are looking for specific doctors in their area to treat what they believe ails them. You need to have healthcare SEO as a focus of their digital marketing efforts.

Are you ready to start making changes so your online presence can grow?

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SEO for Contractors and Home Improvement Companies

Being an independent contractor means you control your lead funnel. Gather more qualified job leads with local SEO for contractors. 

Being a contractor, whether in the construction space or any other, it’s important to have a reputable online presence. Many contractors rely heavily on word of mouth and referrals to load up their plate. While this is an effective method, it is not an exceptionally consistent lead funnel. Take matters into your own hands!

house under construction

Home repair and renovation services definitely need local SEO solutions if they want to see an increase in leads. People in need of repairs or renovations of any kind will search locally for the closest and most reputable businesses, which is why these businesses should target customers in their service areas with local SEO. For example, if you operate a rain gutter business in your area, and your website does not show up on the first page of Google for searches like “rain gutters” or “rain gutter installation” prospects searching those terms will be unable to find your company.

If you have a website as a contractor, boasting your many qualifying talents, it may be exactly the right time to consider hiring an SEO company so you can populate for those desired searches in your area “contractor near me”. As a contractor, we highly recommend you consider a local SEO service package as this will more cost effective than a larger campaign. Local SEO for contractors can increase your rankings, online traffic, leads, and sales which is very good news for those of you who are in the contractor business.

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SEO for Law Firms & Professional Services

Make an impact with local SEO for Law Firms to develop and a healthy online reputation and to gain more qualified legal leads.

Looking to grow your client base at a rate that you can maintain and perpetuate your growth? Local SEO could be a good option for your law firm. SEO is structured to be a journey for developing a healthy site and rankings that last through Google’s waves of algorithm changes.

lawyers working on computerFor the longest time, radio and television ads were the way for advertising legal services. While this is still an effective marketing method, employing SEO services for a law firm can reap an even greater, and more trackable, return. One great benefit beyond rankings and site smoothness is the fact that these metrics are reportable and observable. Working with Google Analytics and being analytical thinkers ourselves, we can observe, calculate, make changes, implement strategies, and better understand what our efforts are producing you. As Google changes and adapts, so do we.

Having SEO for a law firm can be a profitable marketing structure that can establish you now and take you to where you want to be. Whatever kind of firm you are, the main goal is to be found and then hired for your help. Investing your marketing budget into organically promoting and maintaining good stature on the internet for your firm is one of the wisest things you can do in a technology-based age.

Providing SEO for law firms is a unique relationship. A main strategy for SEO is one that is content heavy. We work with our clients when it comes to content to make sure the information is accurate for your industry and promotes how you wish to present your company to the public. Considering the legality of it all, we are sure you would concur.

When it comes to trustable, hardworking law firm SEO companies we attest to our knowledge, experience, and dependability. You know what they say, the proof is in the pudding. Let’s get started.

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SEO for SaaS Organizations

As an online service, your best bet for selling your software is to invest in internet marketing. Have you considered SEO for Saas?

Gartner predicts a strong growth of SaaS technologies reaching revenue figures of $85 billion by the end of 2019. This growth, a 17.8 percent increase from previous years, accounts for a majority proportion in the public cloud revenues forecasted to reach $278 billion by the year 2021.

SaaS, or Software as a Service, is continuing to grow in popularity, which means the competition is becoming increasingly fierce.

SaaS vs. Traditional Software

SaaS is a software licensing and delivery model in which software is licensed on a subscription basis and is centrally hosted. It is sometimes referred to as “on-demand software often SaaS is a subscription-based model where the software is hosted in the cloud and accessed via the internet.

Traditional Software:

Users purchase the software upfront as a package and install it on their device. Licensing models can vary, and licenses may be limited to the number of users and/or devices where the software can be deployed or limit the types and numbers of features.

SaaS Benefits:

  • Users subscribe to the software, on a monthly or annual basis, rather than purchase it, reducing upfront and deployment costs.
  • Often users can cancel their subscription when they no longer need the software.
  • Software is often regularly updated and used online with the results saved in the cloud rather than an individual PC
  • Faster deployment
  • Reduced Hardware requirements

SaaS SEO / Marketing Evolves Over Time


graphic of a computer, keyboard, and mouseAs a SaaS company starting out, your marketing was likely around your founding story and press around launch, funding, and news surrounding your launch. Companies do whatever is needed to get it off the ground, including telling your or your founder’s story to anyone who would listen. Over time this messaging gets stale, and often a team that is filled with Software Developers and UX Designers lacks the expertise and core desires to focus on marketing and especially SEO.

Developers don’t want to work on things pertaining to audience acquisition, designers think they’d be stuck designing visual marketing materials, and because analytics and attribution are tough (even experienced marketing teams struggle with measuring the success of their efforts) there is a lot of wasted effort and subpar results. These non-marketing think marketing is a waste of money, time, and effort so they lack the desire and initiative to drive these efforts forward.

That’s when you need a partner who is focused and experienced in delivering marketing and SaaS SEO results.

Freemium Marketing and Conversions

If your SaaS company uses the freemium model, it’s critical for your SEO Company to try to convert as many visitors to free trials as possible. Being sure to identify visitors upon arrival to your site and provide simple, clear ways for visitors to convert to a free trial.

SaaS Content Focused on Features and Uses

Content campaigns need to focus on keywords that are not only primary keywords about the software type, but also on specific functions that may be unique to your offering. Often significant visitors can be acquired through the SEO of support and help articles which can serve a dual purpose of supporting your existing user base while showcasing a feature that an inferior product lacks.

Evolve your marketing and jumpstart your results.

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