Choosing the Perfect Ecommerce SEO Agency for Your Website

The success of your online business depends on the ability of potential customers to find the products you offer through an online search. It is not only important for your current customers to remain loyal to your business but equally important is the ability of the business to attract new customers without the need for branding so that the business might grow.

While this may be possible through ecommerce SEO, we know that achieving it on your own is not that easy. Ecommerce SEO for your business is thus best left to an expert ecommerce SEO agency that will ensure you not only get high rankings in search engine result pages but also that your site traffic increases together with your conversions and return on investment.Woman Online Shopping With Credit Card in Hand

What’s Ecommerce SEO?

Ecommerce SEO is whereby your business website is enhanced to be the first in terms of results in a search engine result page whenever someone looks for an item that you sell online. It implies that any visitor to your website comes there freely and naturally as a result of the way your website has been edited. The ecommerce SEO agency you choose will do this so that any search engine ranks your website based on its relevance to the would-be customer, and keeping you ahead of your competitors.

Being the first in a search engine results page ensures that you get more clicks from would-be buyers. In fact, it has been discovered that 36.4% of all searches online will end on the first link that comes up in the search engine results page. This number reduces by almost a half for the second link and to almost a quarter for the third link. Therefore, the importance of your ecommerce website being on top of the search engines after employing the services of an ecommerce SEO agency cannot be overemphasized. Here are some valuable tidbits in helping you find the right ecommerce SEO agency.

Tips for Choosing the Right SEO Agency for Your Ecommerce Website

1. Know Your Needs

While you may be thinking that your website needs optimization only, you may want to check and see whether other services will be required as well. At times it is much better working with a digital marketing company (which has ecommerce SEO services as part of its job description) than a company which only does SEO services. Having intricate knowledge of your website, you will be the best judge of whose services will best suit your needs.

2. Know Your Budget And Competition

Calculator and Pen on ReceiptThe right ecommerce SEO agency will not promise you a specific ranking or even a specific level of traffic to your website. An approach that may have worked for one ecommerce website might not work the same way for yours because your budgets and strategies differ. The results you are likely to get will depend so much on how much money you are willing to put into SEO, but even then, you will only be able to get generalized forecasts of your ranking in the search engine result pages. Apart from a management fee, there will be a fee charged every month for SEO services. It is wise to know both costs before making an agreement.

3. The Agency Has Worked With Businesses Like Yours Before

If an agency has already worked with a business similar to yours and achieved the kind of results you desire, chances are that they will be able to deliver the same or even better results based on their experience. Such an agency can explain to you in layman’s language the strategy they will use to achieve what you ask of them. However, don’t be in a hurry to disqualify an agency for not having this type of experience. Check, for example, whether the agency has worked with other ecommerce websites before and how big those websites were, for you to figure out whether they will be able to work on yours.

4. What Do Other Businesses Say About Them?

Recommendations will go a long way to help you decide whether or not to employ the services of a particular ecommerce SEO agency since these are based on other businesses’ first-hand experiences with these agencies. Frankly, you would only want to work with an agency that has a good reputation, and what better way to find out than to ask those who have been there before you? You can also learn a lot about other people’s experiences with the agency by looking at the reviews on the agency’s website. See whether the reviews are generally positive and make your choice.

5. They Have Up-To-Date Knowledge

Ecommerce SEO is continually changing, and what may have worked a few years ago may not be applicable today. As you search for the right agency, you need to ensure that they have kept up with current affairs and are not obsolete in their approach to ecommerce SEO. For example, can the agency make an audit of your website and generate a report about the SEO issues it has uncovered that may be a hindrance to your online visibility in search engine results? They should be able to explain any issues they come across, the impact those issues have, and how to fix them.

6. Weigh Your Options

Graphic of Man Lifting WeightbarAs your search for the ideal ecommerce SEO agency continues, it would work in your favor to have consultations with several service providers before making the decision to stick with one. Not every agency will be the right one for your business. Negotiate with several of them on the prices for the services you seek and rule out the ones which are way above your projected budget. While it is not a bad idea to air your concerns to several agencies, the final decision you make should rest entirely on what the agency can deliver according to your requirements.


7. Regular Communication Is Important

Choose an agency which will regularly keep you abreast of the progress they are making while optimizing your website. You can also agree on milestones indicating what to expect within given timeframes as the work continues. An agency that cannot agree to this is likely to leave the work unfinished. Hence, communication is imperative if you should know when to expect results. Ideally, an agency should be working on SEO-related activities on your site on a regular basis. You should know whether this will be several times a fortnight or several times a month.

The Bottom Line

Getting the right agency will involve asking a lot of tough questions. How these questions are answered in light of the seven points above will help you determine which ecommerce SEO agency is best for you.