An Understanding of SEO Marketing Using Today’s Standards

Modern SEO Standards When Seth Godin released Permission Marketing, the book that ultimately pushed the world into a new era, search engine optimization (SEO) was a ruddy, pimpled adolescent with a hundred dishonest tricks up its sleeve. Following neatly behind, Google released a series of algorithms that would turn black hat SEO marketing into the blunt instrument it is today. SEO marketing remains one of the most essential tools for everyone from mom and pop stores to Fortune 500 companies, but to achieve premium results, it must be wielded well. You wouldn’t drive a nail into a wall with a drilling rig, and you shouldn’t nurture leads with a one-size-fits-all SEO marketing campaign. To rise above everyday advertising noise, you must:

  • Engage your clients no matter where they are in their buying decision.
  • Reach every persona within your target demographic.
  • Speak to their existing pain points.
  • Build search engine rank via social media, internal linking, content marketing, and website sculpting.

Create engaging content, and you will naturally use a range of SEO tools without even trying, so there’s no reason to be intimidated by the 10-pound gorillas in your industry. Even a small, simple online presence can push you onto the search pages of industry leaders. Valuable local tools include:

  1. A home page is explaining where you are and what you do, using meta titles and descriptions.
  2. A page for every service and borough you serve. Be specific with your language. Today’s clients search for long phrases rather than short ones, so post about all the services you offer.
  3. Online directories and citations.
  4. Structured data markup code inserted into your website code.
  5. Keywords. Use a keyword research tool to find out which search terms your clientele are using. Then include them in your content and metadata.

Few agencies have the time to nurture their traffic that precisely, so white label service providers like us create campaigns for agencies to sell onto their clients. We don’t merely drive the nail into the figurative wall. We paint the masterpiece that hangs from it. We’ll handle the strategy, and you’ll get all the credit.

Engagement through Honest, Hard Work 

Hard Work Gets ResultsBefore Google released its revolutionary Panda algorithm, the most visible brands created the most SEO marketing noise. Meaningless content and registry spam were the tools of the day, and you couldn’t win unless you knew how to manipulate a search engine using a steady stream of stuffed keywords. Today, Google awards rank to writing that has depth and authority, so the most successful SEO campaigns are organic. Delivering honest and carefully-crafted content will naturally buy you reasonable search results, but only good clicks-through-rates will take you to the top. Content that resonates is content that’s read, and content that’s read is content that ranks.

Your brand has a voice, and your potential buyers want to hear it, but to engage them, you must creep under the skin of who they are. A resounding voice is one that understands its audience intimately. You should certainly work with traditional SEO tools, but there can be no successful campaign until you understand your target market and its collection of buyer personas.

Social Media and On-Page Optimization

Your social media presence is like a well-located storefront, bringing you extra traffic and increasing your figurative walk-ins exponentially. We believe a Facebook business page is one of the most critical facets of your local social media signals, raising your rank and gathering traffic from users who prefer community-based tools. It hosts reviews and takes your website content to a broader audience. Most networks even offer free analytics to inform you of clients’ needs and industry trends as they arise. This data helps you to adjust to a changing industry faster and more accurately, letting you meet demand trends before they even emerge.

The more traffic your site receives, the higher it will rank, and social networks will guide your audience through the awareness and interest stages of their buying journey. On-page optimization takes care of the rest of your SEO marketing funnel. We rely heavily on content marketing to rank our websites, of course, but we also do a thorough site audit. Optimized website content is crawlable, so we make sure each page is bot accessible, then hone it to appeal to search engines. Our navigation is clean and understandable, and we make sure each page renders in under four seconds. Rich snippets and metadata are too often neglected even though 30.9% of featured snippets gain first position rank. We also rely on long lists to force Google to truncate our results, and internal linking to build our reputation.

The Power of Geotargeting

Appearing in the first spot of Google search results brings you 30% more traffic than 10th position. Google now delivers unique search results for every user based on their web history, so local targeting has become an essential element of Local SEO. Put simply, Geotargeting is including your location in your online content, whether through written articles, image titles, or even the online reviews your clients create. Since 78% of geo-located content searches lead to a service request within 24 hours, geotargeting will raise your revenue directly through orders and indirectly through rank. The internet has altered the very fabric of marketing, pitting small and Fortune 200 companies against each other from equal terrain. Geotargeting is the magic trick that allows smaller companies to compete against massive conglomerates.

Google My Business

90 % of online referrals come from Google, so Google My Business (GMB) is a potent way to gain a competitive advantage. A well-honed listing includes:

  1. Business hours on weekdays and vacations
  2. A review request
  3. Contact information
  4. Responses to your listing’s reviews
  5. A keyword-rich description.
  6. GMB listings with photographs are 49% more effective, so don’t forget to add them.


Utilizing YoutubeYouTube isn’t merely a video hosting site. It’s the second largest search engine on the web, yet even 10-pound gorillas see it as an optional part of their campaign. Videos can improve your link building campaign, but only if your channel receives views. Rank starts with the right keywords, so we love YouTube’s Search Suggest feature. It gives us the words our audience is typing into the site, and it doesn’t cost a penny. We use video tags, titles, and descriptions to draw more views, then adjust to our search reports.

An online presence feeds its evolution in a beautiful infinity loop. The higher you rank, the more traffic Google will send your way, further fuelling another spike of traffic. At its simplest, though, an effective campaign turns strangers into buyers and buyers into return clients.